Corporate Bankruptcy and Proposals

M. Diamond & Associates will assess your company’s financial situation to help determine if closing your company or restructuring your company is more beneficial for you.

  • Corporate Bankruptcy

  • A corporate bankruptcy closes a company that is no longer profitable. Our corporate licensed insolvency trustees can help you, as director, close your business while minimizing costs and liabilities. We will sell the assets of the company and use the proceeds to pay the creditors. The corporate bankruptcy gives directors peace of mind in knowing the company is being closed properly and provides them with the ability to focus on new opportunities. Filing a corporate bankruptcy does not absolve the director of debts relating to Deductions at Source or Sales Tax (GST/QST). A corporate licensed insolvency trustee from M. Diamond and Associates can help you through the process.
  • Corporate Proposals

  • Corporate proposals (restructuring) allow for an insolvent business to re-evaluate its operations and return to profitability. Traditionally, proposals focus on minimizing current debt burdens and/or shedding unprofitable divisions. Ultimately, a proposal allows a viable business the opportunity to make financial arrangements with its creditors in an effort to continue operations and avoid bankruptcy. A restructuring expert from M. Diamond and Associates can help you through the process.
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